Healthy Students: Our Gift to the Future

The American College Health Foundation seeks to create resources with life-enhancing potentials and programs to support the health and well-being of 19 million college students, and help college health workers adapt to our changing times. You can help us plant the seeds of success.

ACHA 100 Years and Counting

On December 31, 1920, 53 institutions of higher education came together to discuss critical issues regarding our nation’s college student’s health and well-being. This was the seed that was planted and grew into the American College Health Association (ACHA).

Imagine the Next Generation System of College Health & Well-Being

While we have made tremendous strides on campuses around our nation in delivering care and building prevention programs over the past 100 years, these efforts have been uneven and tend to occur campus-by-campus. Building the Next Generation System of College Health & Well-Being is necessary to transform care by linking arms across our campuses.

Over $ 1,500,000

Contributed to ACHF since its inception in 1989, from over 2,372 donations


79 Financial awards were granted by ACHF since 2014

$ 198,826

Awarded to ACHF funding recipients for projects impacting college health

What do our accomplishments look like when we’re successful?

  • Fuel innovative ideas and programs that can catalyze the transformation of health and well-being promotion and care delivery.
  • Systematically gather and apply evidence in real-time to guide care and preventative strategies.
  • Employ new technologies to share new evidence and to improve decision-making.
  • Promote the inclusion of students as vital members of the health and well-being learning team.
  • Capture and analyze data and care experiences to ensure the best possible and enduring outcomes.
  • Continually assess outcomes and refine processes and training to create a feedback cycle for learning and improvement.
  • Build leaders who are committed to a student-centered culture based on continuous learning and improvement.

Healthy Students:
Our Gift to the Future

The Healthy Students: Our Gift to the Future campaign is a three-year $1,000,000 fundraising campaign to set up systems and programs that will help students to thrive in college and beyond. Through a series of innovative learning systems, ACHF seeks to significantly improve the health and well-being of our nation’s 19 million college students.

Leadership Resources

Student Resources

Technology Resources


Technology Resources that benefit College Health


Healthy Students, Our Gift to
the Future: Highlights

HealthyStartU Playbooks


Master library of interventions is a crucial element of the learning health system.

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Inclusiveness Through Data


Improve how we address the unique needs of students in underrepresented colleges.

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ACHF Endowment Fund


Permanent funds where the principal is invested, while a portion is distributed annually.

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