Healthy Students, Our Gift to the Future: Our Campaign Priorities

The Healthy Students: Our Gift to the Future campaign is a three-year $1,000,000 fundraising campaign to set up systems and programs that will help students to thrive in college and beyond. The primary areas of the campaign consist of the four areas below. Each area has new growth opportunities that we are seeking partners and funders to support. We invite you to help build the future landscape of college health.


Leadership Resouces


Technology Resources


Student Resources



Leadership Resources

HealthyStartU Playbooks

The next generation system of college health and well-being will require ACHA to develop a library of evidence-based interventions and proven techniques, tools, and instruments that can be used to measure progress. This master library of interventions is a crucial element of the learning health system, as it will be continually updated based on new information learned on college campuses across the United States. ACHF aims for each individual topic to have its own playbook containing intervention strategies and tools. These playbooks will live on HealthyStartU.

Some potential topics for HealthyStartU Playbooks include:

  • Sexual Health
  • Mental Health
  • Primary prevention of emotional problems among college students.
  • Early psychological interventions to prevent “drop out” among college students.
  • College-based social-psychological programs designed to support “life skills” development among students.
  • Building a culture of exercise
  • Nutrition
  • Alcohol and Drug Abuse Prevention and Treatment
  • Tobacco and Vaping
  • Food Insecurity
  • Sleep
  • Recovery Housing
  • Building Safer Campus Communities
  • Building a Healthy Campus
  • Tobacco Use Cessation and Prevention
  • Disease Specific prevention treatment (e.g. high blood pressure, cancer, PTSD.)

Grants for Greatness Program

ACHF will develop a grant program that will fund multi-institution research to be conducted across campuses to assess health and well-being challenges & measurable interventions. Donors can select the area of interest they wish to support for research and may also select geography or institutional characteristics.

Presidential Health & Well-Being
Training Program

This program will work to develop and offer a training program for existing and emerging college presidents to help them understand how to build world-class campus health and well-being programs. Part of this effort will also work to establish a National Presidential Health & Well-Being Advisory Boardthat will provide ongoing strategic engagement.

College Health and Well-Being Developmental Training Scholarships $50,000

ACHF will provide scholarships that will allow individuals to pursue the certified ACHA College Health and Wellness Professional designation and the certified ACHA College Health and Wellness executive programs in order to develop a greater knowledge and expertise of health and well-being on their campus.

Student Health and Well-Being
Ambassador Program

Develop a training program for students who serve as liaisons with health and well-being leaders on campus. This will teach them how to be effective advocates for student health and well-being and how to help coordinate campus health and well-being actions.

Technology Resources

Technology allows us to learn more about our communities and find out where we have gaps in service or room for improvement. We aim to raise $700,000 to fund these initiatives.

Inclusiveness Through Data

ACHF aims to improve our ability to address the unique needs of students in underrepresented college communities. We will fund a program where community colleges and HBCUs can survey their student’s behaviors and perceptions through the National College Health Assessment (NCHA). This project will include developing multi-lingual versions of the ACHA’s NCHA and the Faculty and Staff Health Assessment to enhance inclusiveness of other cultures.

Connected College Health Network $300,000

The Connected College Health Network (CCHN) is our nation’s largest data warehouse initiative aimed at collecting and disseminating data regarding college health and well-being. When complete, CCHN will compile institutional characteristics on health and well-being infrastructure, programs, and health promoting programs/policies combined with data collected from electronic health records.

Digital Health Incubator

This project seeks to identify cutting-edge technologies as applied to prevention and treatment in the college health setting. This program seeks to develop case studies around their implementation and efficacy. As a result, the goal would be to leverage the research, and disseminate the implementation science, and evaluation investments to support adoption of evidence-informed practices.

Student Resources

HealthyStartU Learning Modules $200,000

To further build on HealthyStartU, ACHF is looking to create learning modules on various college health topics. These are interactive learning sessions that include written text, videos, and interactive activities. WellStart was the first of these modules, created to address well-being and depression.

Student Health and Well-Being Ambassador Program

Develop a training program for students who serve as liaisons with health and well-being leaders on campus. This will teach them how to be effective advocates for student health and well-being and how to help coordinate campus health and well-being actions.


ACHF Endowment Fund

What if your investment could provide for student health and well-being needs not just in your lifetime, but forever? Endowed funds can! Endowments are permanent funds where the principal is invested, while a portion of the fund is distributed annually to ACHF to provide support for identified strategic priorities—continuing your rich tradition of charitable giving always. Define your legacy today!

The power of an endowment is in its continuity. Your gift is preserved in perpetuity, with the funds pooled for maximum benefit and invested to achieve long-term capital growth. Endowed gifts become a part of ACHF permanent endowment, meaning they will benefit ACHF and ACHA programs forever.